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Best Backlink Strategy for E-commerce

Best Backlink Strategy for E-commerce
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Backlinks are necessary for ranking highly in Google regardless of the niche you are in, but there are a lot of different backlink tactics available, making it challenging to choose the right one for your e-commerce site.

We’ll outline four popular backlinking techniques in this article for you to try.

Create a Private Blogging Network

Creating a private blog network is one common backlinking technique (PBN). This entails building a network of websites under your control and having those websites link back to your e-commerce site. Because you will have complete control over the content and the links, this might be a rapid and efficient method to obtain backlinks.

Note, however, that this is called a black-hat SEO technique and you will be penalized if Google discovers your PBN. For this reason, it’s important that you host your PBN on a service that doesn’t leave a trail. Also, make sure you invest time in creating quality content for your blog network – you don’t want spammy, low-quality articles linking to your e-commerce store.

Get broken links from your competitors

Each broken connection on those websites offers a chance to obtain high-quality backlinks from authoritative domains. Use a service like Monitor Backlinks to find all of your competitor’s broken links by simply entering their website’s URL. In that case, you might get in touch with the website that links to your rival, inform them about the broken link, and offer to replace it with a link to your online store.

This is an excellent method for acquiring high-quality backlinks because it demonstrates your worth to the website receiving the link. This offers advantages similar to those of purchasing expired domains, which is another effective way to raise your rankings.

Post Guest Articles

Guest posting on well-known blogs in your niche is another powerful backlink method. You can provide pertinent links to your ecommerce store in the body of the article you submit as a guest blogger, but be careful that they don’t appear overly promotional or spammy.

Additionally, keep in mind that this procedure is slower than creating a PBN or employing broken links. You’ll need to locate pertinent blogs, submit your concepts for approval to the blog editor, and then hire a content writer to compose them. Even once you’ve submitted a guest post, you might have to make edits according to the editor’s comments, and all of this will take time.

Communicate with Influencers

Have you ever wondered how certain companies manage to have their goods listed on well-known websites and blogs? The solution is that they frequently get in touch with influencers.

Someone with a significant online following or a well-known blog is an influencer. You can give your online store a lot of publicity if you can convince them to showcase your goods. You can use a service like BuzzSumo to locate relevant influencers. The platform will display the most popular content for any keyword you enter that relates to your product. The influencers who shared that content can then be contacted, and you can offer to provide them your product free of charge.

Bottom line

Although each of these four strategies has its own benefits, we recommend using a combination of all four to get the best possible results and ensure that you are backlinking safely and effectively.


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