5 big online business lies
You have heard from people saying Internet Business is a waste of time, you will not make any money, there is no real money to be made online, it will never work and so many others negative words coming from people who don’t really understand in this Internet Business industry. The thing is, it does… (0 comment)

How to select a Name and Domain for your Site
Select a Name and Domain Now, it’s time to make your clothing business a reality by giving it a name. While you don’t necessarily have to keep this name forever, it can be extremely costly to re-brand. So definitely use these tips when you’re thinking about what you’re going to name your online store. 1.… (0 comment)

Advantages of Pairing Ecommerce with CMS Platforms
What is an Ecommerce CMS? A content management system (CMS) is software that enables ecommerce shop owners to create, edit and publish digital website content without writing any code. It also allows users to modify the look and feel of the online store, such as changing product page layout, adding promotional banners or quickly adding… (0 comment)

How to Determine if a Trend Makes Sense for your Business
As the business-to-business (B2B) industry continues to evolve, ecommerce has emerged as more than a nice to have — it’s a must-have. The last few years of explosive ecommerce growth have intensified the need for B2B businesses to shift their focus online. Digital Commerce 360 reports that 42% of distributors say creating a more sophisticated website to better meet customers’… (0 comment)

How to prepare your Site to Serve Your Ecommerce Customers
  Launching into the ecommerce space means adhering to the industry standards and expectations. It’s not about selling online, but about helping buyers purchase your products in the most efficient, enjoyable way possible. 1. Train your internal team on using your website. Don’t launch your ecommerce site to customers until your sales reps know it in and… (0 comment)

3 Advantages of Adopting Ecommerce for Distributors
The potential gain of a strong ecommerce channel more than outweighs the challenges outlined above. Adopting ecommerce for distributors and wholesalers can take the business to the next level. 1. Room for growth and scalability. In the past, distributors relied on trade shows, ads in trade publications, and salespeople on the ground visiting customers in person.… (0 comment)

How to Find Customers For Your Ecommerce Niche
What is an Ecommerce Niche? An ecommerce niche is a distinct segment within any given market and often an area that is overlooked by other businesses. Examples of niches include handmade items, trendy t-shirts, eco-friendly products, beauty products, gadgets, or other products. By narrowing down how you look at a market, you are able to find… (0 comment)