What is an Inventory Audit? Typical Procedures
Questions to consider? Before you think about conducting an inventory audit, you need to have a clear understanding of what it is, especially since it’s one of the most integral parts of inventory management. An inventory audit is defined as the process of assessing the stock maintained in your company’s books and comparing it against your… (0 comment)

3 ways to collect your customers’ activity data
There’s no better way to understand your customers than reading into their interactions with your brand. The data helps to segment your customers and create highly targeted campaigns. The best way to collect customer activity data is by using analytics tools and chatbots. Businesses use these tools to analyze customer interactions on their website, social media platforms,… (0 comment)

Content SEO Software Trends
The best content ever written means absolutely nothing if it’s never seen. SEO-tools are designed to ensure your hard work gets seen your target audience in the most efficient manner possible. Each of the tools we looked at occupies a different niche and could be right for you depending on what you need in an… (0 comment)

The Right Market Segmentation
Market segmentation is the art of finding niche markets for your products by building profiles of potential customers and breaking them down into groups. Segmenting customers with similar needs and wants into groups makes it easier to target them directly. Whether you’re a small business or a Fortune 500 company, knowing who your customers are… (0 comment)

Top 3 Ecommerce Platforms for Small Businesses
With Ecommerce Platforms, users can showcase their products and attract more sales. Small businesses should consider the ease of use and price of each platform. Although the products mentioned in this piece share the same purpose, they work best in different circumstances. This piece will give you an overview of the popular eCommerce platforms for… (0 comment)

Inbound Marketing: Implementation and Optimization
Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing Inbound marketing involves methods that help build awareness, develop relationships and generate leads. It helps you create quality content to attract people who are already looking for the types of services you offer, checking out your competitors, researching your industry and trying to determine whether or not they need your services.… (0 comment)

Traditional vs Digital Marketing
A cohesive marketing strategy requires an understanding of the different types of promotion available to your organization. Understanding the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing is vital to getting the most out of your marketing budget. Once you know this, you can evaluate the pros and cons of each, and create the right blend… (0 comment)

Google Alert for Your Business
Research and mining information is one of the most important ways to grow a business, career, or personal goal. The time it takes to acquire that information is arduous. Multiple searches, and checking back for new information is hard to juggle while working on immediate tasks. Google Alert allows you to have new information delivered straight… (0 comment)