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3 Advantages of Adopting Ecommerce for Distributors

3 Advantages of Adopting Ecommerce for Distributors
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The potential gain of a strong ecommerce channel more than outweighs the challenges outlined above. Adopting ecommerce for distributors and wholesalers can take the business to the next level.

1. Room for growth and scalability.

In the past, distributors relied on trade shows, ads in trade publications, and salespeople on the ground visiting customers in person. The introduction of ecommerce opened the door to global reach in a matter of a few clicks, making upscaling easier than ever before.

The customizable and flexible nature of ecommerce platforms makes it easy for distributors to tap into new markets. Simply by adding product descriptions in relevant languages or categorizing products by cultural preferences, distributors become globally accessible and relevant. Making it possible for distributors to target markets that were otherwise out of reach, often in the furthest corners of the world, without a huge upfront investment or risk.

2. Endless innovation.

Even if the business is running smoothly and you are not invested in chasing every new trend, adding digital tools to your offering is essential. As people spend more and more time online, businesses will have to consider adding an ecommerce channel if they want to stay relevant.

Buying habits are changing, in fact, More than 70 percent of B2B buyers fully define their needs before engaging with a sales representative, and almost half identify specific solutions before reaching out. Meaning that just under half of all sales happen as a result of the sales team. Most customers consult the world wide web before making a purchase decision, not the sales rep. Adding an ecommerce channel will help you keep up with the changing buying habits and stay front of mind in moments that matter.

3. Improved efficiencies.

It may seem like the ecommerce platform is an additional responsibility that’ll strain your resources and cost you more to run. In reality, it’ll actually help you streamline and reduce the cost of operations through automation.

Once your ecommerce platform is up and running, you can employ digital tools for analytics, inventory tracking and others to make better-informed decisions throughout your own supply chain. And as your operations become more efficient, your customer’s experience is enhanced, building brand love and long-term sales. In other words, as you work less, you gain more, thanks to digital tools.


The growth of the B2B commerce market does not show any signs of slowing down. For distributors, it provides a unique opportunity to capitalize on a new, effective sales channel to acquire customers and provide value-added service to their current client base.

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